Project description:

Browser based multiplayer PvP game where you lead a tribe of autonomous minions. As a player you don't give direct orders to your units but provide them with upgrades and direction while they automatically interact with the surroundings. A love letter to the old games featuring tiny folks such as Cannon Fodder, The Settlers, Mega-lo-mania, Lemmings.

Release date:

End of November 2017

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o - in progress
x - done

[x] Melee combat
[x] Ranged combat
[x] Death
[x] Shield / Blocking
[ ] Armor
[x] Moving the tribe
[x] Picking up items
[o] Animals
[x] Hunting
[ ] Monsters
[ ] Forest
[ ] Meadows grass
[x] Gather wood
[o] Building a campfire
[o] GUI
[x] Grass
[x] Recruiting folks
[ ] Healing
[ ] Equipping
[ ] Unlocking upgrades/items
[x] Text system
[x] Tooltips



Day 24 - Text and tooltips

Due to a lot of confusion caused by my non verbose tooltips I've decided to implement a text system. It's a bitmap font. I am attaching images to unicode characters to embed icons into the text.

Day 22 - Trees

I can define leaves colors so maybe we can have seasons later.

Day 19 - Grass and Shields

It took me some time to finally decide the grass style. Eventually I've picked a good compromise between something good looking and very easy to implement. To reinforce the effect entities interacting with grass get an additional grass sprite in front.

Day 16 - Handsome cursor

Every good god game begins with a HANDsome crsor. I am really pleased with what I have achieved in that matter today. Coordinating cursor animations with viable actions is quite obnoxious but the effect is worth it.

Day 15 - GUI implementation

I wouldn't be myself if I haven't developed another GUI solution from scratch. It's super fast but very limited. I am using only one texture and one mesh to display the whole GUI with one draw call. Manipulating sizes on the fly requires updating the whole mesh - I am pretty sure that I can pass some transforms and effects as an additional buffer into the shader tho.

Day 14 - GUI mockup

I have started to prototype a GUI. I would like to not use any words. I am showing it to random people and ask what facts can they deduce from the picture.

Day 13 - Kings and Queens

It's hard to track the movement of a crowd when there is no steady reference point. Here comes the king who is pretty useless but he defines the center of a group.

Day 11 - Bows and Rabbits

Equipping a bow turns your minion into a hunter. His duty is to hunt animals and provide supportive fire to his melee companions.

Day 9 - Campfire

Sitting by the campfire is a time when the player can use collected resources to upgrade his tribe. Resting warriors will automatically consume food to heal the wounds.

Day 7 - Oh deer

I've made a deer. I don't like it.

Day 6 - Looting

The gameplay reason for skeleton sprite is to display the difference between equipped and looted corpse. After the fight our little dude will loot his foes.

Day 5 - Skeletons

Added some gore. I have animated the corpse and now we have distinguishable skeleton fighters. I think the player will be able to buy/unlock more races.

Day 4 - Combat

Minions can now use their weapons. This will be the core of the game. There will be 4 basic vocations. A lumberjack, a miner, a hunter and a knight.

Day 1 - Start

Sprites from wilds.io rendered in a low resolution look super cute. Let's turn this into a game, shall we?