LD26: Qb, Qb, Qb

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  • » use arrows to rotate the planet
  • » stack three matching colors
  • » don't stack more than six
  • » music upgrade each 100 points (until 600)
  • code/gfx/sfx: Przemyslaw 'Rezoner' Sikorski

    Hiya. I am 26 years old javascript gamedeveloper from Poland and this is my Ludum Dare #26 / 48h compo entry.

    It took me about 20 hours (including assets). Most of the code is done from scratch - I have used (my) CanvasQuery library for color operations and 2d context wrapping

    Thanks to Agness R., Paul W. and Vennril for support and quality assurance.

    Thanks to SOS for his nerdy screencast which kept me awake and motivated.

    Greetings are going to photonstorm and #bbg community

    Holding thumbs for everone to finish their games - especially you Hoppertje.


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