Przemyslaw 'rezoner' Sikorski - resume

Straight to the point. I am 26 years old programmer with artistic skills. My favorite time wasting topic is Amiga 500 related stuff.

HTML5 craftsman, gamedeveloper and musician., Homepage, Twitter


My current project and multiplatform experiment. Working on web, firefox os, desktop and IOS/Android using CocoonJS

Haiku Sketchbook

Just to prove that I can do applications too. Haiku Sketchbook - not another online drawing tool. Took me one day of work from scratch so the interface is kind of clumsy.

Canvas Query

Disgusting name I know. But it is all Vanilla JS inside and have nothing to do with jQuery. Canvas Query is a canvas wrapper and image processing library with many functions convenient for gamedevelopers.

And some cool nerdy demo of one of its abilities.

Century Sky Fighters

Altough it is playable I am not very proud of it. The code is messy and the gameplay design is screwed up. I was responsible for programming and soundtracking it.

Automatic pixelart texturing tool

I have named it Ilkker after one of my favorite pixelartists. Also I drawn this stuff - was trying to copycat some of Zed style. Logic inside is a big convolution matrix and overlay blend mode.

I am sure that you don't have time to deeply estimate each resume so I will just throw some of my 2012 vaporware images.

Experiments including realtime arcade multiplayer with node.js, webdevelopment, webdesign and publishing

contact, back on top ^

Images, teasers, various colaborations

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